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Buffalo Kendo Club is a kendo club based in Western New York. Founded in 1988, the club offers training to men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. Thriving off an enthusiastic membership base, Buffalo Kendo Club is known throughout the region for its passionate and energetic style of kendo as well as its high standard of coaching. The Club has competed in numerous tournaments and events throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Late Edo Period Kendoka
Kendo - Way of the Sword
Kendo, meaning "Way of The Sword", is a modern Japanese sport/martial art, that is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines martial arts practices and values with sport-like strenuous physical activity.

Kendo traces its roots back centuries to the kenjutsu schools of the Samurai of feudal Japan. The Samurai focused not only on rigid and vigorous training for the body, but also on molding his mind and cultivating his spirit. These Samurai schools of kenjutsu continued for centuries and form the basis of kendo practice today. Around the world, millions of men, women and children practice kendo to perfect mind and body, and to develop indomnitable spirit.

Buffalo Kendo Club is proud to have carried on this tradition in Western New York for over 25 years.

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